Monday, June 4, 2012

What's your favorite breakfast?

What do you usually have for breakfast?
The cool thing about the first meal of the day is that there are so many variations! I like to switch it up almost every morning.

So today I made this:

2 spoons of greek yogurt ( I like the one by FAGE)
3 strawberries
1 spoon cane sugar (for the yogurt)
2 spoons cereal
a cup of tea or coffee

This is a very complete, balanced breakfast: you have carbs (fruit and cereal), proteins and fat (greek yogurt).

I love having breakfast... This one right here is also a great combination before or after a workout. Remember that you have to wait at least two hours for your body to complete the digestion process before you can start any physical activity.

Have a great day Everybody!!
Real Italian Kitchen


  1. Ciao Valentina,
    ho visto il tuo blog, mi piace, ti ho aggiunta ai miei preferiti.
    Se hai tempo passa a trovarmi.
    Ciao Guerino
    Auriemma's Kitchen

    1. Ciao Guerino! Non riesco a segnarmi al tuo canale, ma come si fa?!??!


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