Thursday, May 31, 2012

Italian Fast Food - Spaghetti Garlic, Oil and Hot Peppers

Or as they say in Rome: Aio, Oio e Peperoncino!
It might sound strange but you have to try it to believe how good it actually is.

It's the most plain and simple pasta you could possibly make and it's perfect for those days when there's nothing in the fridge...!


-Brown the garlic in a pan with some hot peppers and extra virgin olive oil. Be careful not to burn it.

-In the meantime boil some salted water and cook your favorite brand of Spaghetti, mine is DeCecco, because it doesn't overcook easily.

-When the pasta is ready toss it in the pan with the flavored oil and fry it for a minute or two.

-Serve with parmigiano, or by itself.


Real Italian Kitchen 

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