Thursday, August 18, 2016

Natural Remedies to Improve your Skin - PART 2: Outside going in

(to read the previous article about "Natural Remedies To Improve your Skin - PART 1: Inside Going Out" click here)

Now that we've covered what goes into your body let's talk about what you can do to your exterior to look radiant right away!



I make my own because I'm poor. Here are a few alternatives that are great for the whole body, safe to use in the shower because sugar and salt base. I suggest scrubbing your face and body after a hot steamy shower, so that your pores will be nice and open (yeah baby, open those pores!) and you'll achieve a really deep peeling.


Sugar scrubs are better for you. Mix a tbsp of cane sugar with a little of flax seed oil (enough to get the sugar a little wet) and massage it into your face. It should feel a little scratchy but not uncomfortable. 


Salt scrub (my personal favorite). You can use fine salt or course salt, depending on the level of scrub you want to achieve (bigger salt = mild scrub / fine salt = heavy scrubbing experience). I like to mix it with Jojoba oil and vitamin E oil, keep reading to learn more about these oils.  


Combine the salt with a few lemon drops, it's astringent, will cleanse your pores and then close them forever. Well maybe not forever, but for a week or so for sure.

Try this recipe:


1. It brightens the skin color

2. It's rich in minerals

3. Combined with oil, it leaves your skin feeling soft

DO NOT ABUSE THE POWER OF THE FACE SCRUB!!! Or else... your skin will get overly sensitive and you don't want to strip it of all the good oils that it naturally creates to lubricate itself. Shiny skin is good, it means it's healthy. Fuck powder. Let your skin shine! 


Two words: clay powder. I started using this 10 years ago to make my own face masks and I never went back to buying a pre-made mask. Invest in some high quality one, cause a little goes a long way. I prefer green clay, I buy it in bulks (500gr at the time) and it lasts me about two years. It doesn't spoil. It's dry powder, why would it? 

Here are some recipes. Add the liquids little by little, until it reaches the desired consistency.

Here's a demonstration of that:


1tbsp clay powder, yogurt, vitamin E oil. 


1tbsp clay powder, jojoba oil, water  


1tbsp clay powder, lemon juice, water


1tbsp clay powder, water.

Apply on freshly scrubbed skin and let it sit until it dries out. Then wash it with warm water, one of those little face sponges usually helps. 

Other ingredients you can use for a scrub or a mask: coffee grounds, leftovers from juicer.


This is a delicate topic because every person has different needs and I don't feel comfortable making  a blanket recommendation. 

But I can tell you what I use! 

I'm allergic to EVERYTHING (soap, alcohol, scents, parabens, dies) so I have to invest in a face cream that has basically nothing in it. 

For body and face soap I use Seba  Med, free of everything, works very well as a make up remover as well. For tougher make up and lipstick I put some coconut oil on a cotton swab and finish cleaning my face with that. 

For face cream I use a brand called La Roche Posay, it's not the cheapest but it works for me. 

I don't use any toners, makeup removers, eye creams or anti wrinkle creams (yet). When I need a little extra moister I mix a drop of my vitamin E oil with my moisturizer before I go to bed. 


Here are some body oils that I recommend using instead of body lotions. 

Jojoba Oil (has the same PH as the skin and has been used for centuries to cure skin irritations)
Almond Oil (great emollient, known to prevent stretch marks even during pregnancy)
Coconut Oil (anti microbial and it smells so good!)
Raw Shea Butter (super hydrating, I use this for dry heals, cuticles and as lip balm)

You can also make your own blend, try following this recipe:

As for something that's already blended try New York Biology ANTI-CELLULITE Massage oil

I buy everything organic and fair trade, in bulks, to save some money, cause as I was saying before I'm poor.


Beside the wonderful scent that they provide, essential oils can be very powerful both on the mind and on the body. 
I buy mine from Amazon, my favorite brand right now is NEW YORK BIOLOGY.

Here are just a few suggestions, for more infos check out this chart.

GERANIUM, TEA TREE: antimicrobial, antibacterial, controls oil production, clears out acne.

ROSE: great for dry aging skin

LAVANDER: the smell of lavender is believed to relieve stress, which is one of the main causes of bad skin. 

SANDALWOOD, YLING YLANG: Anti aging, regulate the PH (so great for any skin type).

So experiment and let me know how it goes. 

Have you been using any of these methods? Anything in particular that you have been doing that has made your skin look amazing? 

Feel free to leave a comment below or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..

I hope this was helpful! 



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