Friday, December 5, 2014

Emporio Italiano - First Impression Review - Real Italian Kitchen

I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this ALL MADE IN ITALY online store. 

I was browsing online to find someone that carried Tre Marie Panettone and Pandoro, my favorite brand of delicious Christmas dessert from Milan, and there it was! 

I got in touch with the owner right away, to express my appreciation and order a mountain of products and turns out he is a REAL ITALIAN KITCHEN FAN!!! After 10 minutes of  "You're the best!" "Noo, you're the best!!" he offered to send me some products to review and check out for Real Italian Kitchen. Who am I to say no to that? 

Here's what I got:

Tre Marie, Il Panettone Milanese

This is what I came to the website for in the first place, it's THE brand for Panettone, where Bauli is more commercial, this really tastes like an artisanal cake. They come in several different varieties (with chocolate, with raisins, with candied fruit) this is the original one with raisins and candied fruit. Make it a special dessert and serve it with some custard cream, clic here for the video recipe. 

Cantuccini with chocolate chips

This is probably the best brand for "Biscotti", or as we call them in Tuscany, "Cantucci". I used to buy them all the time when I still lived in Italy and have a couple with Vin Santo at the end of a meal. After my home made ones the ones by Sapori are definitely worth a try! 

Centellino AreaDiVino

 "Lavamani dello Chef", the "hand washer" of the Chef. 

 Let me start geeking out about how this soap really takes the bad odors out of your hands. It's just awesome. Works beautifully and leaves your hands smelling like fresh herbs. I'm going to gift this to my mom, who's always handling a lot of fish and ALWAYS complaining about the fact that she can't wash the smell off! 

Dei Colli Fiorentini hand and body soaps

Since we're on soap topic let's talk about these. From Tuscany, just like me :-), these vegan soaps scented with typical tuscan flowers. They come in a cute giftable assorted box or you can buy them one at the time in a bigger form. I personally like the box of assorted ones, I'm going to put one in each room and they're making my house smell amazing! These would be good to put in drawers too, so your laundry can smell like flowers! 

Super Crema for face and body made with 100% organic olive oil

After all that hand washing is good to rehydrate the skin of your chef's hands with something soothing and organic and why not, made with olive oil! I've been keeping mine in the kitchen and I've been using it after every meal, dish wash and hand wash! My hands really feel and look younger and more hydrated, I highly recommend this.

Millefiori natural fragrance 

This is an apple cinnamon house fragrance to get your home (but mostly your kitchen) smelling like the holidays (and not like fried food and fish… yes, I cook a lot of fish…). I'll say that I usually don't use house fragrances cause I'm allergic to the smell (I know, it's weird, but I start sneezing if something smells too strong), but this one is very subtle and doesn't give me a headache. 

I hope this made you wanna go browse WWW.EMPORIOITALIANO.COM and I hope you'll try some of these MADE IN ITALY, affordable, products. 



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