Monday, June 9, 2014

Home made Strawberry Sorbet with Kitchen aid Ice Cream Maker Attachment - Real Italian Kitchen

I couldn't be more thrilled about my purchase of the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid.
I found it on Amazon for a fair price and I couldn't resist, I love Gelato and I'm never satisfied with the one you buy at the grocery store!

I bought it with my own money, this blog and the video are not sponsored by Kitchen Aid, so you can rest assure that my review is honest! 

- The attachment comes with a manual, make sure you read the instructions before you start the process!
- Practice mounting the attachment on the Kitchen Aid, for me it wasn't easy and the instructions on the manual are not clear.
- Keep the bowl in the freezer overnight
- Any ice cream maker recipe will work, but you might want to start with small doses, the ice cream tends to grow a lot while it churns.


Obviously you need a Kitchen Aid with the whip attachment and the ice cream attachment
A bowl with a spout or a silicon measuring cup or a tall container with a spout.
A plastic spatula (don't scrape the ice cream churner with metal..!)

Ingredients for the Strawberry Sorbet (Sorbetto alla Fragola)

200ml or 1 cup of water
250gr or 2 cups of strawberries 
150gr or 1+1/2 cup sugar
The juice of 1 lemon and 1 orange
1 egg white, whipped

All my ingredients were organic. It made a difference.

CLIC HERE AND Watch the video for step by step instruction!


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