Friday, December 6, 2013

Meal Substitution: Homemade Juice with Sweet Potato and Apples

I had always thought that potatoes were not a juicy vegetable and I was WRONG! 

Sweet potatoes are just like carrots, when you juice them you get a very sweet "floury" juice and very dry discard. Rich in potassium, perfect before or after exercise you're going to love this juice! 

For one person: 

3 Oranges
2 large Gala Apples
3//4 Carrots
1 large Sweet Potato

1. Thanks to my Champion juicer I only need to peal oranges. 
2. Cut everything into pieces that will fit in the juicer. 
3. Start with the apples, then juice the carrots, the sweet potato, save the oranges for last. 
4. For a refreshing juice, keep your fruit in the fridge. 


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  1. Juices are best for the health. It gives energy without calories and fat. I take juice in the breakfast daily.

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