Thursday, March 14, 2013

Steak Salad with Parmigiano and Balsamic Vinaigrette

This is a fantastic way to enjoy an old classic such as a grilled piece of meat and a salad.

As I was saying in one of my previous blogs, I rarely eat red meat and when I do I buy the best possible kind. This was an amazingly tender filet!

Fresh salad
Cherry tomatoes
a good piece of Parmigiano cheese
Steak or filet
Soy sauce
Balsamic vinaigre
Extra virgin olive oil (evo)

1. I start with a very simple marinade for the meat: salt, soy sauce, evo, and pepper if you like it.
 Let it sit for a few minutes then grill it. I use a cast iron grill that I bought in the camping department (it's cheaper...!). Remember that meat should always be cooked when at room temperature. If it's too cold it becomes tough and..well...raw...!
 2. In a plate prepare the salad, the cherry tomatoes cut in half and very thin slices of Parmigiano cheese. I use a carrot peeler to achieve those thin slices.
3. The vinaigrette is 2 spoons of olive oil and one (or less) of balsamico. Salt to taste.

4. Cut the meat thinly and place it on the salad, then sprinkle with the vinaigrette.



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