Monday, March 11, 2013

How I organize my food for the week

Monday... ahhh!!! That wonderful day of the week when you think you're gonna behave and be on a healthy diet all week!

After a weekend of partying with my friends my Mondays are always filled with good purposes. I believe that if I have 100 great ideas, I'll probably follow through at least 10 of them and that makes me happy!

Today I'm going to the grocery store, yesterday we successfully ate whatever was leftover in the fridge. Now that's an accomplishment!

My grocery list looks like this:

a few other items I might be missing, today it's soy sauce and milk.

Once I'm at the store, I buy whatever looks best out of these categories.

I never buy fruits and veggies that come from too far away (like mangos from Chile) because of all the chemicals they spray them with. I try to stick to whatever is in season or at least in season in a place close to me (in my case Florida, California, Mexico). They have a lot of organic choices where I shop, I try to stick by that.

Despite my best efforts to be a pescatarian (a vegetarian that eats fish), my fiancee still likes meat, so I buy it for him and I eat lentils or beans (I hate tofu).

Beef is so expensive! I only buy it once a month at this point, and only the best quality (cause if I have to spend the money mine as well buy something that's GREAT with it).

I buy only "wild" fish. I think I'll buy some salmon this week, I haven't had any in a while. We eat fish probably 3 times a week. He eats white meat once or twice a week.

When we don't have meat of any kind we eat vegetables, cheese and eggs. Since we started following this diet we were able to loose a lot of weight and keep it off. I have to be careful about my cholesterol, I try to eat 2 eggs a week and limit my consumption of fatty cheese.

While I'm shopping I try to pair things that will go well together, for example if I see a good looking piece of salmon, I'll make sure I have some salad to go with it and a greek yogurt dressing (I'll write a blog about this cause it's delicious). If I buy a chicken I'll pick some sides that will complement the dish (like potatoes or spinach). If I'm craving Roasted Peppers, I'll make sure I have a piece of cheese and some good bread (I love peppers and cheese! ).

How do you organize your week? Feel free to comment, I'd love to know how other people do it!
I hope this was helpful,

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