Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuna filet in sesame seed crust

This was sooo good, I can't wait to make it again!


-The most important ingredient is obviously a fresh piece of wild tuna. They usually sell it in steaks but if you ask they'll cut you a roast size out of the bigger chunk they have, like this one in the picture on the right.

The end of the tail is the best part because it's not too thick, you want it to be small enough so that there will be a good balance between raw and cooked part.

Tune should never be served well cooked. It's awful. If you don't like raw meets eat something else.

-Sesame seed, the golden ones, toasted.

-Extra virgin olive oil, salt and a little bit of spring mix salad for presentation.

I served it with wasabi, but that's optional. I bet pickled ginger would be good with it too.


A nonstick pan
Aluminum foil
Oven set to 250F/150C
a toothpick

Step by Step:

1. Toast the sesame seed in the pan (with no oil) if they are not toasted already.

2. Coat the tuna with the seeds, make sure it's a good layer, just like in the picture above.

3. Heat some olive oil in the pan and start browning the tuna on each side. The fire should be on medium high. You don't want it too cook in the middle but you also don't want to burn the sesame seeds. Don't leave this unattended.

4. Once you've seared each side of the tuna, wrap it up in the aluminum foil and put it in the warm oven.

5. Now you'll have to keep checking if the center is warm. How? With a long skinny toothpick (you don't want to poke huge holes in your wonderful fish...): stick it in the meat, pull it out and touch it. When the toothpick comes out warm it means it's ready.

6. Slice and serve.



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