Sunday, December 2, 2012

Meal Substitution: Smoothie Recipe: Pears, Bananas and Clementines

This is a great recipe that uses fruits that are particular of the fall and winter season in the part of world where I live. The bananas I used were imported, and I know I shouldn't buy imported fruits but these were organic and fair trade, at very least.

Ingredients for one big glass: 

1 banana (not too ripe, not too brown)
1 big juicy pear or two small ones
3 clementines
1/2 lemon


Knife, cutting board, blender. This below is the blender by Black and Decker that I use, it's cheap and never lets me down. Christmas is coming...!

1. Peal the pear, half it and get rid of the core. Mine was so juicy I had to do this over the sink! Put it in the blender.
2. Peal the banana, cut in a few pieces, throw it in the blender.
3. Juice the clementines separately and then add the juice in the blender, or if you're lazy like me and don't want to get another utensil dirty, squeeze them directly in the blender, you can help yourself with a fork.
4. Add a few ice cubes if your fruit wasn't in the fridge.

Use the "pulse" cycle and then the "liquefy" cycle. If you're clementines are tart you might want to add some agave nectar or your favorite sweetener.



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