Thursday, December 27, 2012

Meet my italian family!

Let me start by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Whatever they might be!
My Grandma and our dog Luna
Second of.... I'M IN ITALY!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!

If you have any questions or requests for my Italian Chefs (my mother, aunt, cousin and grandma) just let me know, I brought the camera and I'll be happy to please any demand.

Their specialties are:

Mamma Margherita (mom) - appetizers, pasta, sides, fish, roasts, desserts (find one of her videos with me HERE)
Zia Anna (aunt) - patisserie, baking, everything dessert (I mean really everything), seconds and appetizers (you can find one of her videos with me HERE)
My cousin Simona is exceptionally good at inventing fast but impressive dishes for dinner guests, her specialties are appetizers and learning how to use technology in the kitchen. Here's something she's made for us in the past.
La Nonna, my grandmother, has those wonderfully old and rich ways of cooking, not too healthy but nonetheless delicious. Her recipes come from Tuscany and Naples (her husband was from there). She is a little camera shy but she's taught me many things I've shown you already, like the Meat Sauce (Ragout), the Chocolate and Pear Cake and the Tiramis├╣.

I try not to miss Christmas time at home :-)

I wanted to write this post also as a teaser and a reminder for myself of all the things I would like to talk about in 2013.

Amongst the videos that have already been shot and need to be edited there are:

Pasta with Artichoke and Shrimp
Biscotti - Cantuccini di Prato
Low Cholesterol Cookies

I wanted to edit them before leaving Philadelphia, but my music life got a little crazy with the new Sunshine Superman Christmas Video (yes, that's also me..!).

Coming up also Lava Cake, How to make Pastry Puff, Salmon en croute with spinach and the above pastry puff, Chantilly cream. Remember that all those fancy french names, are just fancy french names, used in the cooking vocabulary as replacements for their italian counterparts. They are ALL italian dishes.

So once again a big THANK YOU for a great year of sharing recipes, comments and ideas, for trying to make our lives a little better everyday with healthier food and good traditions!



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