Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The power of freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Orange Juice: my favorite thing!!

I started my day with breakfast, a yoga workout and then ahhh!!! Orange Juice!!!

Forget the one in the box, I squeeze my own juice!
I bought this exact citrus juicer to make the squeezing faster, I put it on MAX PULP and benefit from all that natural fiber that you find in the "chunks" of the orange. It's important to drink it right away so it doesn't loose its vitamin power.                                                                    

What are oranges good for?

Vitamin C, of course, everybody knows that, I won't talk about that. Just know that your body can only take so much vitamin C per day, so it's useless to drown yourself in orange juice, and also a bit dangerous considering it's sugar content and acidity. 

I mentioned fiber: like all fruits and vegetables oranges are rich in fiber, those annoying chunks should become your new best friend. 
When you eat oranges, the fiber from the fruit helps slow the rate of food absorption from your gut (it means they take long to digest). This slower absorption rate helps control blood sugar levels. Dietary fiber also helps lower your cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart related problems

Oranges are also a powerful anti oxidant: they help decrease the inflammation that occurs after eating a meal high in fat and carbs. Let's add it to our list of foods to eat after big meals, fried food or a night of drinking! 


2/3 oranges (it depends on size and juiciness)

Personally I like my juice a bit tart, I always add half a lemon or a tart clementine. No sugar. 

I hope I convinced you to start squeezing your own orange juice!! 


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