Friday, March 23, 2012

Want a Snack? Grapes are great this season!

The best way of getting yourself to eat fruits and vegetables might sound very stupid but it's not.


Spring is coming and seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruits are really good, really sweet and will stop your crave for junk food, leaving you feeling light and well fed.

My personal favorite this season is seedless grapes. The green ones I just bought are so sweet! They're easy to clean, I put them in a tupperware and I bring them everywhere I go, so between one voice lesson and the other I can snack on them.

If you have an irritated digestive system grapes might not be the best choice for you though, their skin is not easy to digest and might irritate your colon.
A great "natural medicine" for an irritated digestive system is Papaya. I went to Antigua a couple of years ago and the people from there eat them with salt as a snack. Something to try...

As far as veggies are concerned, soon you'll be able to find fresh peas and beans of all sorts. Snap peas are sweet and crunchy, peas are sweet and can be eaten raw or cooked, fava beans are my favorite, in Tuscany we eat them with Pecorino Cheese and a good glass of red wine!

Feel free to share what are you eating now that spring is coming, I'm always looking for suggestions and new ways of cooking fresh, healthy ingredients!

Have a great day!


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