Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keep your New Year's Resolution with these easy to follow Tips

My diet last week didn't go well AT ALL! Damn St Patrick's day... I ended up drinking like a fish.

So this week I start all over again with a different approach to it. My approach.

I did some research, as if 10 years of constant dieting weren't enough, and I found out that the key to success is white meats, occasional carbs, lots of fruits, veggies, yogurt, 2 and a half table spoons of oil a day. Oh and nuts.
This is a balanced diet if you're also exercising. If you're not you also need to cut back on carbs and fruits. But if you don't exercise and you loose a lot of weight you're gonna look like a dried raisin, so it's up to you.

A balanced lunch/dinner then includes: a piece of white meat, accompanied by seasonal vegetables, one cup of seasonal fruit.  Or 50gr of pasta with vegetables, a side of fruit or more veggies.
Snacks: yogurt with cereals or fruit or vegetables or nuts or a little bit of everything but do not exceed on the nuts and yogurt.
I also like to integrate with those crackers that taste like cardboard. They keep me full longer.

...when it comes to white meats (fish, turkey, chicken) you can eat as much as you want of it as long as there is no oil or butter on it...
...fruits are rich in carbs and sugars, so unless you're going for a 55k the next day, don't pig out on strawberries, choose a piece of that inviting celery instead...
...nuts hold important essential oils and fats. You're body needs some amounts of fats for digestion and for immune system.
...Ease into the diet, meaning still eat the foods that are good for you, but if you're hungry by all means grab that celery! That way your organism won't be too shocked (Oh my God! What are all these vegetables?! Where are my daily french fries with Nutella?!) and you'll be able to survive the diet, like the rest of us...
...A healthy life style with a couple of indulgences here and there is acceptable. You won't loose weight, but you won't gain it either...

I'm also keeping a personal diet diary, where I write how much I weigh everyday, what I eat and a couple of sarcastic comments. It helps.

Hope this was helpful,


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