Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meal Substitution: Celery and Pear Juice - Real Italian Kitchen

I have a show in two weeks and I have to fit in a dress that should be illegal in most countries....BUT I"M SO BLOATED!!!!!!!!! From weeks and weeks of cookies, cakes, chocolates and red meats. I've been a bad baaaad girl. Not good.

Here's my remedy: besides putting myself on a healthy diet again, I'll start each day with a freshly made JUICE! I'll try to do it for at least two weeks, until the day of the show, we'll see what happens!

I'll post a new combination everyday, so if you decide you want to do this with me keep checking :-)

Today's juice:

2 oranges
3 stalks of celery
1 big apple
1 juicy pear
1/2 lime

Peal the oranges and put everything through the juicer. The pear is plenty sweet so don't add any sugar.

The taste: the pear is predominant, but you can still taste the orange. The apple gives it a nice texture and makes it pleasant to drink. You can't even taste the celery but it's so so so good for you!

Why is fresh juice important?
It has been clinically proven that fresh juice speeds up your metabolism. It's also a very filling snack, so you don't feel the need to eat anything else after a big glass of fresh juice. It's rich in fibre which will stimulate your digestive system. It's rich in vitamins, which will make you stronger against the seasonal flue. Lately I have even heard from a YouTube guru that it will help wash out inflammation in your joints and loosens your tighten muscles. Pair it with some effective exercise and fresh juice will be the panacea of all problems!

Spring is coming, invest in a juicer.


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