Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tuna Steak with Basil/Caper sauce and a light salad

Thank goodness I remembered to go to the store this week before the snow started coming down!

Today I put together an awesome meal. I'm sorry. I'm never full of myself. But today I'm proud. I finally cooked a tuna steak to perfection!

Tuna Steak with Basil and Caper sauce and small fresh Arugula Salad.

Fresh tuna steak, 1 inch thick (I like to buy the ones that are particularly red)

for the sauce:
20 big leaves of fresh basil
2 table spoons of capers
white vinegar
1 slice white bread no crust
extra vergine olive oil
1 table spoon of water

for the salad:
fresh rainbow carrots
fresh arugula
organic multicolored cherry tomatoes
1 table spoon of oil per serving
1 tea spoon of balsamic vinegar per serving

How to cook the steak:
Get a non sticky pan very hot, so hot that smoke starts coming out of it. Put the steak in and cook 4 minutes per side. If you're buying a thinner steak, cooking times are going to be 3 minutes per side.
Do not season the steak before it goes in the pan.

How to make the sauce:
Wet the bread with the white vinegar and a spoon of water, add the capers, the basil, oil and salt and mix everything until smooth and creamy.

Arrange in a beautiful presentation: top the steak with a teaspoon of olive oil, salt and pepper, put the salad on the side of it and leave some room for the sauce.



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