Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A friend of mine told me about blogspot and said I should connect it to my youtube channel.
I don't know anything about blogging and this is my first time, but I figured it was a good idea!
So instead of waiting 2 weeks for my next recipe, you can find it here, cause I'll update it everyday!

So as my first topic I want to talk about the fact that from today I'm on a diet. I have a very important concert in 10 days and I need to drop a couple of pounds that came from eating lasagna and chocolate cake. mmm.... chocolate...
Anyway, I decided to post what I eat during the day, cause believe me, I don't starve myself! If I'm hungry I have to eat! But I know my body well enough to know which foods to avoid or eat in small amounts.
Let's start with BREAKFAST!!!

I love breakfast I eat something different every day. Today I took two pieces of white toast, I spread less then a table spoon of butter on them and 1 table spoon of fig preserve...so good!! To drink I had a big cup of black tea, freshly made, with a tea spoon of honey in it.

My lunch was very good, I tried this new indian take out in center city Philadelphia, in the Bellevue food court. I had the vegetarian platter: spinach w/cheese, chickpeas and lentils, it all comes with rice and naan. It was great, light but savory, easy to digest and didn't leave me with an uncomfortable stomach ache (sometimes I get that from indian food).

Don't neglect your snack! Having a snack mid morning or mid afternoon is very important, it brings you to the dinner table not completely starved! I had a handful of mixed dried fruit (raisins, nuts, apricots).

For dinner have something light, it's never good to go to bed full and the calories you eat in the evening are not gonna have a chance to burn, so if you really need to eat something fattening eat it for breakfast or early lunch!
Hope this is useful, see you soon on http://www.youtube.com/realitaliankitchen

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