Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Traditional Italian Frittata with TECHEF Frittata pan

Follow the step by step in the video to create a quick and easy meal that's going to please everybody in the family!

Frittata is traditionally something you prepare with leftover bits and pieces you have in the fridge. Today for me it was:

Red Peppers



Cheddar Cheese

and of course 4 Eggs

You could cook it in a regular pan, but if you find yourself making this particular dish often like I do, you'll love the TECHEF frittata pan. I hate flipping the frittata so much in fact that I had to transition to baked frittata. The TECHEF pan makes life easy, it has a nice little handle that you hold on to and that helps you flip the pan, so you can cook your Frittata on both sides.

If I may point out one small fault of the pan is that it's too small,  it fits max 4 eggs, so it can feed max 2 people. But I do like how practical it is and I'm going to buy one for my Nonna for Christmas, she loves making Frittatas and I think she will love the flippable pan.

Enjoy the video and if you decide to acquire the TECHEF pan let me know  how it works out for you!




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