Tuesday, July 12, 2016

LA Chef BBQ Grill Mat Honest Review - Real Italian Kitchen - Episode 107

Ok, so.

You know how much I like kitchen gadgets right?

This company called LA Chef, sent me one of their Grill Mat to review and I ended up buying a second one for my mother to use at her restaurant www.bagnomargherita.com... Yes. So.

You can watch the full video review for tips on how to use the product to its fullest potential, it took a little of trial and error to figure it out so I suggest you watch it.

I should also add (which doesn't say in the video) that you should try to always use the same side in contact with the grill and the other side with the meat, because the side that makes direct contact with the heat source looses the non-stick feature. I marked it with the tip of a knife .

You will like this product if:

-You cook outside a lot

-You're tired of cleaning your high temperature grill all the time

-You love to bake

-You hate to waste

I hope you'll enjoy the video and some of the other video recipes I made using the La Chef Grill Mat.

How to cook a whole fish on the BBQ

Grilled fish filet with fresh herbs

Thank you for following the Real Italian Kitchen!!


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