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Gluten Free, Yeast Free Brown Rice Flour Bread - Real Italian Kitchen

As you may have gathered from the last article I posted, I started following a gluten free diet.

Let's not talk about the negative side of it (how much I miss bread, pasta, pizza, english muffins, and other wonderful gluten-full creations).

Let's talk about the positive: it forces me to get soooo creative!

Luckily I'm not the first one in the world to have a gluten intolerance and many before me have posted recipes online. I'm so grateful for all the ideas I get from other well crafted blogs, all I ever have to do is make a few changes I think necessary to adapt it to my own taste.

For this bread, for example, the original recipe was taken from Nourishing Meals, just clic here to see it.

Why did I modify her recipe?

I couldn't find sprouted brown rice. And buying a huge bottle of Kefir to only use two cups of it seemed like a waste.

Gluten Free, Yeast Free, Brown Rice Flour Bread


3 cups of brown rice flour
3/4 tapioca flour
1 + 1/2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp sea salt

3 organic eggs
2 cups of milk
2 tbsp lemon juice or vinagre

Some extra virgin olive oil to coat the pan.

I make this in the Kitchen Aid, but it's not necessary, if you don't have it just a whisk will do.


Before you start, set the oven to 400 F , 200 C.

1. Mix all the dry ingredients.

2. Put the lemon juice in the milk to "sour" it. This will make your bread soft and creates lots of little bubbles! Wait 5 minutes for the lemon to do its job.

3. Add the eggs to the dry ingredients. If you're not using a kitchen aid, you might want to beat them briefly with a fork first.

4. Add the soured milk.

5. At this point you should have a liquid batter, the consistency of pancake batter.
I've cooked this in a bread pan and I've cooked this in a cookie sheet.

Option 1: BREAD PAN

With some olive oil coat the bread pan, pour the batter in, let it cook for about 1h.

Option 2 (my favorite!!): COOKIE SHEET

I lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and coated with a generous amount of olive oil. Pour the batter in and distribute all over the sheet. The layer will look thin, don't panic. It's going to rise.
Cook for 10 min. NO JOKE.

This is the best gluten free bread I've tried to make so far and the cookie sheet option makes it a time effective option.


Whip out your favorite tomato sauce, some fresh mozzarella and other toppings of choice, to make it into a soft pizza with crunchy edges! Mmmm!!! Totally better then the cauliflower pizza I usually make…!

I will keep experimenting with egg substitutes and different kinds of flours, to get updates about my recipes, subscribe to the blog or insert your email address up top.

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