Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to make the perfect french fries at home - Real Italian Kitchen

Have you ever tried to make french fries at home from real potatoes?
For the longest time they came out just soggy and sad.


I've come to save the day, and dinner..!


2 large potatoes
3 spoons of sugar
Your choice of Sunflower seeds, Coconut or Peanut oil for frying (stay away from corn, olive oil and canola)


- Cutting board and a knife
- Large, deep, frying pan or sauce pan or pot (I always prefer non stick)
- A bowl

Step By Step:

1. The secret is to remember that you want to make french fries a couple of hours before lunch or dinner time.

2. Peel the potatoes, wash them, cut them in long even strips. Start with even slices and then proceed to turning them into strips.

3. Prepare a bowl of room temperature water, stir the sugar in. Place the potatoes in the bowl and let them soak for up to 2 hours before frying.

4. Heat the oil in the pan. It's important that the oil is at its maximum temperature, but don't burn it! Keep an eye on it: when it just starts smoking throw the potatoes in. This is what it will look like!

5. Fry till golden.
Keep in mind that when the potatoes are frying they will look lighter in color then what they actually are. I don't know why, but that happens. So don't wait for them to be brown in the oil, cause that means they're burned.

6. Set them on a paper towel and dry the oil off.

7. Enjoy!


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