Monday, August 12, 2013

My Trip to Italy

I just came back from visiting my family in Italy.

I'm from a small town on the coasts of Tuscany called Forte dei Marmi. The area it's in is called Versilia and it is the heaven of food lovers!

While Forte dei Marmi has a reputation for amazing seafood and fish dishes, the hills right behind it, in the neighbor towns of Querceta, Seravezza, Pietrasanta, offer you a special tuscan menu, filled with rich vegetable dishes, cured meats, roasted meats of various kind and mouth watering desserts.

Everything I cook comes directly from my mother's kitchen, she runs a restaurant in Forte dei Marmi, at my family's beach resort called Bagno Margherita. Her style of cooking merges traditional dishes with contemporary cuisine, creating recipes that are light and vibrant, even when they are heavy and fried!

Follow me in the next month to see what I learned this year.
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Thank you!

From the left: croutons with spicy calamari, warm seafood salad, grouper crocket with home made chips, shrimp tale wrapped in pancetta

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