Thursday, July 5, 2012

Product Review: Ariosto Herb Mixes

Today I would like to talk about an italian company called Ariosto.

To be honest I was really skeptical because I usually don't use herb packages. I like to be able to decide myself how much of what I want on my pork chop. But these ones are different. They are actually GOOD!

They already contain salt, which I adore cause the salt I buy in the States never satisfies me (it's always too salty or not salty enough and I end up just not using it cause it drives me insane).

So, Ariosto. They deliver all over the world and they are worth to try. Here's a video recipe that showcases their Garlic and Hot Pepper mix, my favorite :-)

Find their products on their website

Real Italian Kitchen

P.S: have you seen my new website? !

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