Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Italian fast food: Fried Turkey Cutlets with Fresh Tomatoes on top.

When I think of fast food I think fried, comfort food. And fast please.

My favorite dish in this case is Breaded Turkey Cutlets with Tomatoes. Today I added some sauteed spinach to the dish. But let's start from the fried turkey.

COOKING TIME (including prep time): 10 minutes 


For the turkey
Turkey cutlets, one per person (the kind of cut you want it's actually called italian cut... pretty funny uh?!)
1 egg
bread crumbs
vegetable oil

For the tomatoes
fresh tomatoes
extra virgin olive oil

For the spinach
cooked spinach
extra virgin olive oil
hot red dried peppers

Put the vegetable oil in a large flat pan and set the fire on high. Beat the egg in a plate, dip the turkey cutlet in it then bread it in the bread crumbs. Throw (gently, don't burn yourself!) the breaded cutlet in the pan and fry it. Once is cooked set it on a plate over a paper towel, to dry off some of the oil.

While the turkey is frying prepare the tomatoes. Just cut them in little cubes, put them in a bowl, season with salt, oregano and extra virgin olive oil.

Saute' the spinach in a pan were you had previously heated up the oil with the garlic and the hot peppers.

DONE! Serve the turkey with the tomatoes on top, the spinach on the side, a good slice of bread.

Pictures coming soon... today I was so hungry I didn't even think about taking pictures! Oh well, it just means I'll have to do it again soon...!


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